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Snowmobilers Please show respect

Peace and quiet being bothered by snowmobiles in the Blaeberry.

We live along the Blaeberry River and enjoy the peace and quiet that this affords.

So do all our neighbours.  We enjoy cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and wildlife watching along the river.

I’ve seen wolves, elk, deer, lynx tracks, and moose over the years.

So not only do we look for peace and quiet, but so do these creatures; whose very survival depends on being undisturbed.

Snowmobiles harass wildlife, causing unnecessary stress on an already stressed system.  In the winter these animals are already in a deficit of reduced food supply and cold temperatures.

Extra stress caused by snowmobiles can lead to great harm or their demise.

So when a snowmobiler decides to rip through this area it disturbs everyone. And it has happened too many times this winter already.   The area from the OB Campground, downstream to the Columbia River is zoned as non-motorized according to the GBRAC (Golden Backcountry Recreation Access) agreement.

There are signs posted by the Forestry Service as well private property owners have personal signs requesting non motorized vehicles only and no trespassing.   These snowmobilers though think it is all right to drive over our personal property making an ugly track, disturbing wildlife and us.

Snowmobile tracks cause damage to the vegetation underneath also.

They cause compaction to the vegetation they are driving over causing sometimes damage to the plant for growth next spring.

There is a lot of research that has been done now regarding the damage caused by snowmobiles.  Please do your research;

We know you wish to continue to recreate in your way, we just ask you to respect the signs and go to the areas that are designated for you to use.

There are snowmobile maps available from Golden Tourism.  Please stay off our private property and keep to your designated areas please and thank you.


Brian Olynek