Smelly Situation

Things have got a little smelly near the junction of Hartley Road and the Trans Canada Highway.

I don’t know if you or any of your staff have stopped at the junction of Hartley Road and the Trans Canada Highway lately, particularly on a warm day.

This area is very close in proximity to the train wreck, some months ago, and due to the current higher than normal amounts of ground water, coupled with the normal amount of rotting detritus, and huge amounts of spilled and rotting grain from several overturned rail cars-the ensuing odour is absolutely horrendous.  For my part, I have to drive through that area on my way to town, and I recon it has the intensity three times worse than a prairie feed lot.

It is virtually sickening, and C.P. Rail, though they vacuumed up all the easy to get at portions, left the remainder for the bears, deer, birds etc. to feed on, whilst the largest portion of that non recovered grain lies rotting in the water filled ditches, covered with a greenish brown scum.  What if the C.P. management had to tolerate this foul intrusion right next to where they live?

Rest assured that would never happen, the mess would be cleaned up quickly and they would look like the environmental heroes they pretend to be.

So, what of this ongoing fouling of the Moberly area?

It’s an environmental disaster, and moreover what about Environment Canada, to force an appropriate cleanup of the area?

Are they just another government toothless dog, after all, this is also the entry point to the provincially sanctioned Moberly Duck Marsh hiking trail.  Do we just say “to hell with it”? The perpetrators of this, might take that opinion, but the residents in the area are fed up with the inactivity, so come on C.P., be a good corporate citizen, and finish the clean up properly.

Duncan Simpson