Skiing memories

A very special thanks to Colleen at the Golden Museum for her last article on skiing near Golden.

Dear Editor,

A very special thanks to Colleen at the Golden Museum for her last article on skiing near Golden.  Wow, did that every bring back lots of memories!  The picture published showed four people side stepping the slope in order to make it usable as a ski slope.  The two in the foreground could have been any of the Coupland, Schiesser or Magnusson family members and what a wonderful backdrop of Moberly Peak.

We had no vehicles to transport us on the weekend skiing so we headed off through a trail we had cut from the Schiesser farm on Gilbert road, over to the Polier place and then on the trail to Lambert’s lake.  From there we had a crude trail through the bush to Galstad’s where this picture was taken.  Today, it is unrecognizable since it is now overgrown with trees which would be 50 years old.  After packing the hill, we skied all day, went into Emil Dahl’s house across the road and enjoyed hot dogs,coffee or cocoa laced with lots of sugar.  This gave us the needed energy to head home before it got dark.  In the spring when the snow was soft I recall our wooden skis getting soaking wet making it impossible for them to slide.  We would take them off, scrape off the huge chunks of accumulated snow and proceed a few more feet before, they would have the clumps back on the bottom.  Eventually we would make it home exhausted but I only remember these as good times.  We even had races around the small lake below the slope and I remember winning and getting a dollar as my first prize in the cross country event.  How different this is today! We skied at our home farm, on Mr. Polier’s place, on the Coupland Farm, Lambert’s Lake hill and often went moonlight skiing in the winter with neighbors.  No head lamps, just the light of the moon!

Many, many wonderful memories of our times skiing in the Moberly Area but the time came when families moved on and it was necessary to join the newly formed Golden Ski Club.  We had evolved from packing our slopes, climbing back up, time and time again, to rope tows, poma lifts, chair lifts and now gondolas which whisk us quickly to the hilltop.

Good memories always stay with us and those early days skiing in Moberly were such an important time in my life and I am sure many others from that era feel the same.

Julia Cundliffe (Schiesser)