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Shifting policies

A lobby group by any other names is still a lobby group.

A lobby group by any other names is still a lobby group.

People who unite under the banner of a cause  to change the tide or thoughts of others. They may be called activists, radicals, lobbyists or anything else we label them but the endgame is always the same.

These groups are everywhere and they can change lives.

Throughout the history of time people have linked up for a variety of reasons to try and influence or control the way that decisions are made.

If anyone ever doubts the influence that people can have on what a government does they only need to look at the conflict in Vietnam in the 60s and 70s.

The media of the day plastered images on television every night and people did not like the first hand visual account they were being given of war.

The masses rallied against the war and changed not only the history of the battle, but also influenced the coverage that would follow in every conflict ever since.

Some groups lobby because they believe they need to be a watchdog, some do it for money and others just to take a stand. In Canada we see lobbyists from large corporations step into the back rooms of politics to try and influence government decisions. But they are far from alone.

In Quebec we recently saw student protesters take a stand in unison against practices they did not agree with.

Environmental groups are also using their influence to try to alter the landscape of what people do and where they go to further their agendas.

The catch with any group of people who take these types of stands is that it is their agenda can be pushed on to everyone else.

Many people may agree on one aspect or another of what the group is trying to achieve, but to keep the group focussed on their original goal can get lost and lead to splinter factions.

Usually these groups enter political battles without ever getting elected. They can force their issues from the outside looking in without ever getting the approval of the electorate.

The great part about democracy is that we can have a voice. However, at times it can seem like everyone is mad only because the people who are content tend to be silent.

I, being a Star Wars fan, was always fascinated by Yoda who said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

I think the suffering in this case is when the good of the many can be blocked by the voices of a few.

Being radical is not a bad idea and I myself have been involved in a few protests in my lifetime.

Having your voices heard is what should happen. But the agenda to fight has to be there for many citizens. Being open to discuss what can be done to have a better future must be talked about.

Things never remain the same and if you cannot be open to something new then you will just fade away as an after thought.

Entering a discussion with your mind set in stone will never make things better.

Lobby groups are there to push their idea and it is up to everyone else to stand up and agree or disagree with their positions.