Share your pool opinion

A local resident encourages others to share their views about the Golden Swimming Pool.

Dear Editor

I direct this letter to the residents of Golden.

I attended another meeting of the Town Council on June 12 in hopes that we would see changes to our swimming pool scheduling this summer to bring back the evening public swim.

Well, my hopes were shattered.  I am angry and I am frustrated, but most of all my heart breaks that our outdoor swimming pool is becoming less accessible to the families and children of our community.

Operating just four months of the year it is “Closed” more than it is “Open.”

I just don’t get a council that is excited about and defending a beautification project costing millions of dollars and yet not act when programs are continually taken from children and families of this same community.

Well, here is where we are at…Tallies are being taken at the pool counting who is using the pool.

I asked how tallies would be taken for programs that weren’t even being offered.

In answer, Mr. Petrovics is receiving letters and emails that will be counted and considered.

So please, all of you, if having summer swim programs open for families and children beyond the afternoon public swim time is important, if we want an outdoor pool that is “Open” more than it is “Closed,” please send your letter or email to Mr. Petrovics with a copy to Mr. David Allen, C.E.O., Town of Golden.

Maybe if enough of us speak out we can have our evening public swim back for July and August.

Fingers crossed!

Wendy Oszust