The schedule at the Golden Swimming Pool is questioned.

To the Editor;


No Public Swim Times Monday thru Friday during the month of June.


No evening Public Swim times during the week.  Ever.


Replacing kids with kayaks.  Bahh!

Who is the swimming pool for?  Certainly not for the children and families of Golden.   Kids are taking the hit yet again.  Shame on you!  Strong families make for a strong community.  Evening Public Swims allow families, mine included, to cool off and play together after supper when the work day is done.

The Golden Swimming Pool is a service to the community and as such should serve all members of the community as equitably as possible.  The planners of this year’s schedule seem to have forgotten this.  Operating facilities that do not have family and child friendly programming is … is… is …  There is no word for it.

To clarify, there is ALWAYS a lane made available to swimmers during Public Swim times, however, there is no option for children and families to swim and play during Lane Swim times.   As both a pool user and a former Head Lifeguard at the pool I know that there are options in programming that can accommodate the community’s diverse needs.  As a tax payer I believe in the importance of recreation in our community.  It is a must and not a nice-to-have.

It is my hope that the Leisure Services Manager and the Town Councillors are open to community feedback and discussion about options for the schedule.  There are different solutions that do not put children at the bottom of the list.


Caroline Carl-Osborne


Formerly – Head Lifeguard/

Swim Instructor

Currently –  Mom