Saying thanks to the police

National Police Week is being held this year from May 14-20.

From May 14 – 20 across Canada it will be National Police Week.

The force is filled with many brave people who are put in many difficult situations as part of their every day work conditions.

The men and women serve their communities in many different ways and do their best to provide us a safe world to live in and enjoy.

In May 1873, the Parliament of Canada established a central police force.

One hundred and fifty recruits were sent west to Manitoba.

The new police force gradually acquired the name North-West Mounted Police (NWMP).

The  police in Canada have developed over the years to be a force recognized around the world.

Since then many officers have not only become a part of the RCMP but also other provincial police forces as well throughout Canada.

I have always felt being a police officer is not a job for the faint at heart.

Quite often you only see an officer when something has gone wrong or sadly when a ticket has to be given out. But officers do much for the communities they live in.

All we in Golden have to do is look at the work the local RCMP do in our area.

Over my months living in this area and in Invermere before, the police were always out helping raise money for charities or taking part in activities with local youth.

They take time to go into schools which promotes the realities of the world but also gives children the chance to see them as more than people who drive around in cars and wear a gun.  On the RCMP website it says, “Canadian Police Week is dedicated to increasing community awareness and recognition of policing services while strengthening police-community ties.” Those ties are part of what holds communities together. Police Week is governed by four specific objectives which are stated on the RCMP website:

-To act as a vehicle in which to reinforce ties with the community;

-To honour police officers for the public safety and security they provide to their communities;

-To promote the work police do in their communities;

-To inform the community about the police role in public safety and security.



When all is said and done the officers have one of the most challenging jobs which can be imagined.

They work in a high stress environment and see some of the darkest parts society has to offer.

No one likes them when they are pulled over on the side of the road and if you are the one getting a ticket happiness is not easily found.

But it should not be lost on society how much these neighbours do for all of us and we are better off for having them in our areas.

They are there when you need them, help those in need and have the power to become a positive influence on those around them.

That can never be forgotten.