Rockwater Rocks

Hi! I just moved to Golden and I went to see 54-40 last night at the Rockwater Bar in Golden.

Hi! I just moved to Golden and I went to see 54-40 last night at the Rockwater Bar in Golden.

The show was advertised a couple of weeks ago, at least that`s when we (my girl and me)heard about it.  It was $25.00 a ticket in advance or $30.00 at the door.

I bought 2 tickets on Friday Sept. 14 for us. We had actually thought we`d missed the show and it was the weekend before, but while doing our intake with our new doctor on Friday afternoon we discovered that it would be on the next day.

We thought that they were probably sold out. Come on, it`s the day before the show and it`s 54-40, in a bar with a maximum attendance of what, 250-350 people, but we decided to go and see if there was a chance of finding a couple of tickets.  Not only did we get our tickets but I`m sure I saw a couple buy two tickets at the door on our way in.

Are you kidding me?

54-40 in the bar and tickets still available the day before. That just blows me away.  The band did too.  It was just soooo good. There was two other bands that played before them. I didn`t catch the names of the other bands, but Willhorse was named as the opening act on the advertising poster. Both of them sounded great and were really entertaining. 54-40 was awesome.  It was such a great experience seeing such a well known band in such a small venue.

The crowd was enthusiastic and well behaved and the band rocked. We had such a great view, never mind us, everyone had such a great view and the band put out big time.

Song after song, hit after hit. It was such a wonderful night. It is truly so cool that such a big name band like 54-40 would do a tour in such small venues as The Rockwater Bar for so little.  Hat`s off to the band for giving their fans, new and old, such an opportunity.

Did I mention that my girl and I had one of the best times of our lives? Wow! I don`t know where they are playing next, but if it`s close to you, go! A big THANK YOU to everyone who went and to everyone involved in putting together the show together.

Raymond James Brown