Response to stinger

In the Golden Star last week, there was a stinger to "the councillor and his unprofessional behaviour."

In the Golden Star last week, there was a stinger “to the Councillor and his unprofessional behaviour towards a staff member in a meeting that even caught the attention of our MP”.

Some people have asked if this relates to me and I can only state that my behaviour has always been exemplary.

The meeting I think the stinger is referring to was the regular open council meeting on Jan. 22.

At that meeting Mr. Love the manager of strategic initiatives for the town gave a presentation on the Climate Action Charter stating that the issues were very complex.

After he was finished I began my speech relating to my proposal to withdraw from the Climate Action Charter. I commenced by stating the issues were in fact not complex but quite simple.

Mr. Love, unable to contain himself roared across the council chamber “Are you calling me a liar?”

The council chamber fell silent as I looked toward Mr. Allen, his boss, and the mayor. After a short pause Mr. Allen asked Mr. Love to refrain and Mr. Love withdrew his comments.

I then completed my presentation without interruption.

That evening I received a phone call from the mayor apologizing for the incident and informing me that she had told Mr. Allen that she thought Mr. Loves’ behaviour was unacceptable.

At the council meeting on Feb. 5, Mr. Allen indicated that he had received a letter of apology from Mr. Love that he then proceeded to read aloud.

As far as I am concerned the apology has been accepted, the incident is over and in subsequent meetings Mr. Love and I have treated each other cordially.

To the author of the stinger I would ask that he/she does not distort the truth and hide behind the anonymity of the stinger.

If you want to make inflammatory comments at least have the courage to sign your name.



Keith W Hern