Response to MLA hopeful

Thank you for running the letters and story on our Liberal MLA hopeful, Doug Clovechok, over the last few issues

Thank you for running the letters and story on our Liberal MLA hopeful, Doug Clovechok, over the last few issues. It’s good to know our options in the upcoming B.C. election.

The first letter I read was enlightening. I was quite taken aback with his response to Mr. Macdonald (Norm Macdonald, MLA) regarding the importance of honesty. He seemed to be insinuating that Mr. Macdonald was not telling the truth, asking “we’re supposed to take his word for it?” First, in regards to the increase in Hydro rates and then again in regards to the increase in MSP premiums. Perhaps he didn’t look closely at his last Hydro bill, mine had a notice advising they would be seeking an 11.2 per cent increase in rates. And my MSP premiums have risen some 24 per cent in the last three years. He didn’t mention that ICBC is also asking for an 11 per cent plus increase in their rates. I would agree with Mr. Macdonald that these increases are “dramatic.”

His second letter admonished Mr. Macdonald for not listing his accomplishments as MLA. He then goes on to list his, “Worked with…” and “Continue to work with…” a bunch of his friends in the Liberal party. The only “accomplishment” actually noted, “presenting Premier Clark.” I suspect he won’t be doing that after May. And his closing comment, “and I’m not even your MLA, yet,” was simply arrogant.

And of course the latest story regarding his fundraising efforts in Calgary. While I won’t begrudge him going after campaign dollars wherever he can find them, generally people and businesses give donations to political parties with the expectation that they will receive future considerations. I do have to wonder, in the off chance that he actually becomes our MLA, will Mr. Clovechok be acting in the interest of residents of this valley or his Calgary business friends. Thanks again.

Steve Mitchell

Moberly, B.C.