Re: The Little Mittens article

A look at the issues facing Little Mittens in Golden

Dear Editor,

I am a person where for me words create pictures.

So as I read the “Little Mittens” for kittens rescue group plea for a larger location to house more cats I immediately pictured cats in pajamas with matching mittens.

Once I got past this image, it sounded to me like creating a place to house even more cats and was missing the point of why a pet rescue group would be created in the first place.

Pet overpopulation is probably due to uneducated pet owners and the lack of animal control based bylaws within a municipality/community.

I do have great respect for animal rescue groups and the people who initiate them as well as the many volunteers and supporters offering their time and or funding.

After all, it is “We the people” who make great things happen on this planet, not governments.

So why ask the government for a building?

This is where our municipal government can help but with bylaws and education officers/enforcers alike, who can work together with pet groups such as Little Mittens Rescue Group and the Spotted Dog Rescue as well as with local veterinarians and related business within our own community and surrounding rural area in order to “snip” pet overpopulation where it counts.

I could list bylaws and feline/canine solutions implemented successfully throughout other Canadian communities but the point would be to come up with our own bylaws and solutions regarding animal control and overpopulation in our community in conjunction with the rescue groups.

What’s in it for me, you ask.

And “me” being “you,” the community as a whole, and each individual in it.

Well look around you and observe just how many people in our small community have pets and how many.

Add to that the recent travel statistics popping of on our local news suggesting families are choosing to travel local within Canada and their neighbouring provinces along with their pets.

Picture now as I do a place where tourists and locals alike get out to explore and enjoy with their whole families, kids, canines and felines!

Of course, now picture the reality to this, millions or at least a lot of pregnant abandoned friendly, possible feral, felines/canines spreading fleas and STD’s… puppies and dogs running ownerless, chasing small children?

So, with that pictured in my mind, I will conclude that “yes” we do need and should support Little Mittens Rescue, and the Spotted Dog Rescue as well as our local municipal government bylaws for animal control, existing and yet to come.


Alison Payne


SPCA Animal Welfare Certified