Re:  BC Liberals working hard for health care units?

On Jan. 23, the Golden Star published a letter from Doug Clovechok, the local BC Liberal candidate.

On Jan. 23, the Golden Star published a letter from Doug Clovechok,  the local BC Liberal candidate, in which he defended the closure of the Invermere Dialysis Unit, a unit that served not only the Invermere area, but also renal patients from Golden.

When the closure was first announced, Invermere Mayor Gerry Taft, MLA Norm Macdonald, and representatives of other local governments, including Golden, immediately went to work to make the case for the re-opening of the clinic. And because of their effort, Interior Health is now re-considering the closure.

Hooray for them! In the Invermere Valley Echo it was reported that Interior Health has agreed not to remove the dialysis equipment while the situation is being reviewed.

In that article they quoted Mr. Clovechok, who is now claiming that the decision to close the dialysis unit “didn’t sit well with him from the beginning.”

Mr. Clovechok is asking local voters to support him in his bid to become our MLA; to represent us in Victoria.

But when he had the opportunity to fight for a program that provides a life-saving service in this area, he first chose to defend the government over the needs of local citizens!  And now, when it looks like the fight to re-open the clinic is going to be successful, he is quickly jumping to the other side.

I find his inconsistency unacceptable.

Bob Campsall

Invermere, B.C.