Positive choice

In the upcoming election we are fortunate to have three great candidates from whom to choose.

In the upcoming election we are fortunate to have three great candidates from whom to choose.  However, only Earl Olsen, the BC Conservative candidate, represents a new positive choice for voters in this electoral district. I am confused by  Cliff Boychuk’s recent letter to the editor where he did not acknowledge that in the previous two  elections, the Liberal Party candidate did not win either time.  The logical question is WHY NOT?  And the answer is likely that the candidates did not, have not, and do not represent the values of many voters in this constituency.  Do you really believe that your candidate can win by default against the NDP?  Conservatives are not here to split the vote, we are here to WIN.

I am glad I have a positive choice in Earl Olsen.  He understands the importance of every region in British Columbia  because British Columbia is more than simply major cities. You mention, “chaos, higher taxation,  and stagnant economic growth.”

You also mention that “we desperately require a government that can generate  additional wealth” and that the needs of schools, hospitals and the environment have been ignored. You want to limit us to voting Liberal or NDP who have obviously failed to deliver on these issues over the past 20 years, unless you  believe that increasing provincial debt is creating wealth.  Who became wealthy during the past 20 years?  Are you better off?  With a positive choice in Earl Olsen, Conservative candidate, we can all share the wealth instead of just paying the bills.

It is dismaying that anyone would suggest restricting peoples’ choices at the constituency level. Thank you, Earl Olsen, for giving us a positive choice in Columbia River-Revelstoke and the opportunity to vote Conservative.

Wally Black