Pet owners getting frustrated in the area

Pet owner gets frustrated with the other irresponsible owners in her neighbourhood.

Dear Editor,

What if you purchased a beautiful property in the mountains. You take the time to fence it so your pets are safe, only to discover there are people’s pets from neighbouring properties that run free.

These free range, unneutered pets jump your yard fence on a regular basis. They roam on and around your yard, chase car tires, both yours and other people’s who drive by.

What if you called the neighbours and fond out who is responsible for these pets?

So you call him or her to let them know your concerns and complaints and they don’t care. What’s a person to do?

Locally, we have a saying with the letters SSS. This actually seems to make sense, except for the fact that the pet owners who don’t care probably won’t care if their pets are alive or dead, and will be able to find another pet easily, only to be yet again, irresponsible.

Rescue societies would love these pets to be in responsible, loving homes. And local veterinarians probably would like to see these pets spayed or neutered at the least.

I’l like to think that you could call local services such as bylaw officers and conservation officers to get the neccesary, much needed help people in this situation need. I guess what it boils down to is be responsible with your own pets. Keep them close to home, and spay and neuter them. And oh ya, don’t have a pet if you don’t give a crap about where they go and what they do.


Alison Payne, in support of some frustrated people