People in the community are not fooled

Dear Editor:

I want to respond to the letter to the editor from the BC Liberal government about the proposed private river-diversion projects on Ventego, Cupola and Alder creeks in the Beaver River drainage just to the east of Glacier National Park.

In last year’s debate on the government’s so called ‘Clean Energy Act’, it was made explicitly clear that these projects are intended to produce power for export.  This line of argument, stated in the government’s letter, about power shortfalls is the old argument made by the BC Liberals prior to the 2009 election so it is surprising to see it resurface here.  It seems they can’t get their story straight.

But far more important is what people are telling me in Revelstoke and in Golden.  This is a private company that wants our public lands and streams to produce power to sell to the United States.  This is going to cost BC Hydro billions and is a big part of why your hydro rates are going up.

Hundreds of our friends and neighbours signed a petition against these private river-diversion projects and attended a public demonstration in Golden against the projects.  But the BC Liberals used Bill 30 to take away our ability to have a say locally because they know an informed public will reject policies, like this one, that are not in the public interest.

I believe that people in the areas impacted by these projects are best able to judge the appropriateness of the projects.

People in my communities are not fooled by the government’s propaganda service, and that is why they continue to reject these projects on our rivers.



Norm Macdonald MLA

Columbia River – Revelstoke