Oil money is hard to stop

Once again a group of people in Golden gathered to point out their concerns about putting a pipeline from Alberta to the coast.

Once again this week a group of people in Golden gathered to point out their concerns about the risk involved with putting a pipeline from Alberta to the coast.

As groups of people from around the province take a stand against the proposed Enbridge pipeline one important factor will eventually override any outcry from the public. Money has the ability to cure all concerns and at some point the oil will be shipped to the coast.

The British Columbia Liberals are playing a game of chicken against both Alberta and more importantly the current Federal Government. This makes total sense for the Provincial Liberals. Numbers down in the polls and people not too happy, the smart move to make before an election is to got with the wave of uprising from some residents of B.C. and take the stand it will not happen, unless the province gets its fair share.

In other words, when the money gets high enough for the province, then the risks involved will not be such a major concern. This, if it works, can be a good political move though only time will tell if it will work.

Another factor is that Alberta is the backbone of support for the Conservatives and oil money rules in that province and has for many years.

Currently the province owes a large amount of money to the Federal Government after the people of the province took a stand against the Harmonized Sales Tax. Democracy prevailed and the voices were heard but this does not mean the Conservatives in Ottawa had to like having a tax they wanted in place thrown back in their faces. In other words B.C. upset the next level of government and we all have been living in the penalty box every since.

The pipeline is a way to eventually get back in the good graces to the top dogs in the country while making a few friends in a province with cash that is just next door.

There is a another point to this whole story line. Currently taking the stance looks good but no province in the current economic conditions of the world can take the stance against a number of jobs no matter how long they last.

People need to work and many of the big industries in B.C. have been hit over the past few years. The forestry industry is not what it once was, tourism has taken a beating and even National Parks jobs are not as abundant as they once were.

Some work, in places where times are tough, is better than nothing new on the horizon. Alberta has reaped the benefits of the oil in their province for many years and now the cross hairs have been moved into the greener lands of B.C.

The chances this issue will be resolved before the election is not a high one but for whoever makes up the next government a decision will have to be made. Roll with the current game against all of the people East of here who want the pipeline go through, or make a stance and go with the environment over cash.

The environment does seem to lose when big money is involved and there is no bigger money currently than that of oil.

All anyone has to do is look at the turn around of cash flow in Newfoundland and Labrador since the oil industry has taken off. There is more money and with that there are more people with disposable cash. Disposable cash means everyone has the ability to go out and shop and suddenly the risk of oil accidents seems to be not quite as important. It was a have not province for many years but since the oil industry has taken off suddenly Federal Government pays attention.

The battle on this issue is currently being fought but it is too bad that in the end a bright shiny new pipe will roll across this province.