Now the work begins

Now that the election is over, the real work begins for the two newly elected councillors.

The election was tough and the referendum debate tougher, but the votes have been cast and the ballots counted. It is always interesting sitting around with the candidates on the night the results come in. It is a mix of anticipation, stress, excitement and excessive snacking. It is also fun to hear the different people react to the count and the well wishes after it is all said and done. After the fight is done, the only way to move forward is through people working together.

Golden will soon have two new council members sworn in and one of the first questions which will have to be asked is where do we go from here?

In a campaign which was galvanized by one watery issue many questions still remain moving forward for the community.

Even though the Bridge to Bridge project as it was, will now become something completely new, the town still has a responsibility to come up with a plan “C” or “D.”  I am not sure which one we are on. But one thing is certain— money on some level will have to be spent .

Right now what will be done is up in the air, but there is little doubt at some point another idea will have to be developed.

The Bridge to Bridge that ended up going nowhere is not the only thing on council’s plate.

Of course there will always be the struggles for small towns which will include aging  infrastructure and  basic needs of the people.

In Golden there are more issues that seem to have been lost in the political shuffle this past month.

The Trans Canada Highway still needs more funding.

Golden is in a position where representatives for the town have been working to get the money that would be needed to complete the massive project, which would potentially make things easier to get to the Town.

Speaking of highways, there was almost no mention of the road rescue situation around Golden right now.

For months the province and the Town have been in talks or stalemates about who will be attending these situations.

As I have said in the past, lives are on the line.

Currently the Golden Fire Department has stepped up to do what they can to help out, and they deserve a great deal of credit for this.

Those firefighters have taken on a challenge when the powers that be cannot work out their issues.

This type of dedication should never be taken for granted and we should all be grateful for what they do.

As for the two new councillors, they too will have a short time to become adjusted into their new surroundings.

There have been many things said over the summer and now the council is back to seven. Some people would think that the tough part of an election is getting enough ballots cast to win one of the open positions.

That, I would think, is wishful thinking.

I have always believed in the theory the easiest job in politics is to sit on the opposition side of a majority government.

The reason is you get to complain about everything people are upset about but cannot do anything to change the majority vote.

In this local election people have been attacked and decisions have been challenged. The voices have now been heard in town and two new councillors are about to start their on political journey.  There should never be a doubt though, for those people who just got elected, that the true work is just about the begin.

After the congratulations fade for the victory they had, the questions they once posed will now be directed at them and not the other way around.