No to a return to the PST/GST


Dear Editor,

HST opponents are fighting for a higher, 12 percent PST-GST that will hurt consumers and hurt job generation throughout our economy and in the communities that rely on the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is so much more than final goods. It is about production and processing. It is about workers and their families. It is about jobs that pay higher than the average wage.

The stronger the industry, the more jobs we create and protect. Manufacturing has the biggest economic footprint in our province.

It is directly responsible for 200,000 direct and 200,000 indirect jobs across B.C.

We need to safeguard employees and their families.

HST opponents are wrong.

They are fighting for a tax that takes money away from B.C. families. That is why I am voting NO to going back to the PST-GST double tax.