Negativity breeds negativity

Editor Darryl Crane questions the recent bout of negativity around Golden.

I read a quote online attributed to Van Morrison about negativity. He supposedly said, “I just need somewhere to dump all my negativity.”

Well the dump for those negative vibes as of late seems to be in Golden.

It has been a tumultuous time in this great town over the past few months.

One thing has lead to another, and people have gotten more heated as the months of summer have passed.

As of late wherever you roam in Golden negativity is running rampant.

People have been caught in a funk where the summer of what should have been fun has  become the summer of displeasure.

Politics have been at the centre of many a speech, petition, walk out and debate.

At times this has been done in a way which is quite acceptable . But too many times the line between what should be considered respectful and what is wrong has been blurred.

When this line gets crossed respect is lost on both sides by the people involved in the debate.

This is really where the problem becomes an issue for us all.

It is not what or who you believe in that should change, but the way the voices are heard. I have done my best to keep up with what has been said and the actions taken. It has all the potential to block out the key points moving into and election period. Dirty politics never seems to be smart politics.

People need to understand all the issues they feel are important. The only way to do this is to meet the candidates and talk to them about their positions. For any town, city or country to work you have to believe the future has the potential to get brighter and better for those people who live there.

Negativity breads negativity.

Truer words have never been spoken.

If the campaign (and I do not just mean for the candidates) turns into a battle of all that is wrong then how can you come out of it as a resident with a reinvigorated hope for the future?

The community has a certain amount of control over how the election is run.

You can look at the issues and try and find out what the candidates plans are going forward instead of relying on the dark days of summer which has engulfed us all as of late.

I once was a history student in university and had a brilliant professor who said that history was important because it could tell you where you came from, and was always something you could learn from.

However he also said that we should not live in the past because a brighter future was always a possibility, depending on who was willing to work for it.

There will be many issues which different people in Golden will need to learn about to make a solid decision on election day.

Here is hoping we can find people to vote for who sees a brighter future for Golden, rather than not wanting to see the town move forward.

These will be the people who lead that fight. And if they cannot see a place where things will get better, then how will this effect the decisions they make as your representatives?

Voting many not be the easiest choice to make but finding someone with inspiration may not be as hard as you think.

So when you make the journey to cast you vote hopefully in the back of your mind you will truly have listened to the candidates and the messages they are standing on.

Negativity breads negativity but thankfully the opposite is also true. The people in power should be there to do positive things for all of us and not the other way around.