Musical freedom

Music can take you away and the Rockies are a great place to be free in the mind

There is nothing quite like a drive through the mountains especially when you know at the end of your drive, great live music will fill the air.

I had the chance to go to Banff  to see Blue Rodeo and a new band to me, The Deep Dark Woods from Saskatoon.

The show was held at the new outdoor amphitheatre at The Banff Cultural Centre which as it turns out is one of the most stunningly beautiful places I have ever seen a show.

Mountains, sunsets and other than a little too much wind the setting was perfect.

Canadian musicians have a great deal to offer us on many different levels.

Good times are needed these days it seems more than ever.

With memories of the past and bad news seemingly banging us around, stopping to enjoy the music could not have come at a better time.

Music has the ability to take you away and is a necessity on any road trip.

It is a fascinating thing to me that songs I have not heard for many years can come on and instantly you can remember the words which have not been thought of for long periods of time.

Realistically you do not have to understand what someone is saying to enjoy the passion and voice of the person saying them.

After seven years in Asia I found myself buying as much music from artists singing in Mandarin as I did musicians who were singing in English.

Concerts have always been a place to lose yourself in the moment.

I have my list of artists I hope to see and have seen a few like AC/DC or The Counting Crows (for example) that I have always wanted to watch. One of those great memories of music is listening to The Counting Crows while cruising down the coast of California.

Those moments stay in your head forever.

But I have also ended up at concerts for one reason or another (Ricky Martin in Taipei is the prime example of this) which I would have believed I may not have enjoyed.

Strange thing is being in the middle of thousands of people dancing and having fun is infectious.

You just get there and the next thing you know you’re livin’ la vida loca and you do not care why.

These events are what make music a splendid and wonderful thing.

It does not matter what you like as long as you take pleasure from the sounds rolling through your ears.

The freedom is there and it takes worries about cash flow, the economy,  your car, you waistline, what bomb will go off next, politics, the new NHL season, life, death, candy, lies and anything else we can come up with or be told to worry about  completely out of our heads.

Well done to the musicians who can take us away. So if you get the chance to go to a show you should jump at the chance.

Fun can be found even if only for a couple of hours and in the case of Canadian musicians support is never a bad idea.

Enjoy the music.

Darryl Crane