Mayor’s Report

Town of Golden Mayor Christina Benty updates residents on happenings in Golden.

From Asset Management to animation of the Spirit Square, from beautification to bylaws, from curbside recycling to the Civic Centre revitalization, 2011 has been a busy and fruitful year.

The Annual General Report is now out on our new website for your viewing pleasure!

Council continues to deliver on some key components in our Official Community Plan in an effort to provide us all with a livable community with leisure, cultural and economic opportunities in a healthy, sustainable environment.

As elected officials, we have been called to a level of service that requires trust, good judgement and informed decision making.

Our decisions must reflect that we are looking into the future for our children, their children and beyond.

We are mindful of the broad range of needs of all those we serve from the small business owner, the single mom, the senior citizen, the youth, the developer, the young family and everyone in between.

In the midst of economic challenges, we will continue to invest in the things that make Golden a place worth living in now and in the future.

To that end, I hope this Annual Report shows our commitment to a better way of doing business.

In 2010 we adopted an organization-wide system of objective setting and performance measurement and this report demonstrates the results of its first full-year of use.

This new approach has helped us better focus on what we, as a Council, are attempting to accomplish on your behalf and report back to you on our progress – good or bad – at regular intervals.

We are proud of its effectiveness, and to our delight, we have been told that Golden has gained a reputation in broad local government circles as a municipality that “punches above its weight”.

More importantly though, we are accountable to you, so we ask that you review this report and give us feedback about whether you feel we are or are not ‘doing it right’.

Together, as residents of Golden, we are responsible to and for one another. We are blessed with many bright and committed individuals that take on different leadership roles in the community that contribute to the greater good of all people.

Thank you for your resilience, your “CAN DO” spirit and your profound sense of pride in our community.