Masque Parade clarification

A volunteer clears up some confusion about this year's Snow King festivities.

Thanks to some eagle-eyed readers of the Golden Star, it has come to our attention that in our efforts last week to explain changes to this year’s MasqueParade, we confused matters.

Rest assured that both the Snow King and Lady Spring will be present on Saturday, February 16 at Spirit Square!

The change that affects them is that they will not be parading back across the pedestrian bridge and along the woodland path after the music and dancing show.

Instead, they will lead the parade directly to the area in front of the Post Office where the carnival fun will continue for a while.

The woodland path will be lighted with lanterns so you can enjoy that beautiful walk on your own, either coming or going to the event at Spirit Square.

As well, please note that the festivities begin at 7 p.m. this year so that we can take full advantage of the dark of night to highlight the fire and candle light.

Sorry for the confusion.

See you there!

Joyce deBoer