Looking at honour in politics

A reader of The Golden Star responds to a letter in last weeks paper from Doug Clovechok.

I can’t help but write in response to Doug Clovechok’s latest missive in the Golden Star. Regarding newly re-elected MLA, Norm MacDonald, he speaks of “holding his feet to the fire” and “watching him closely and holding him accountable”. I’m sure Mr. Clovechok realizes that it’s the oppositions role to hold the sitting Government accountable. And I have no doubt that Mr. Macdonald will do his very best to do just that.

And I have no doubt that Mr. Macdonald will represent all constituents in the riding, not just the “NDP voter, unions and special interest groups”. As an aside, just what are these “special interest groups” that you seem to have a problem with Mr. Clovechok. Seems to be a buzz word for any group of people that question the wisdom of unbridled resource extraction and borrowing of money that will, without doubt, come to a crunch that my grandaughter and her peers will have to deal with, thanks to the “free enterprise” Governments in charge these days. Free enterprise doesn’t seem free if you’re a taxpayer.

I attended a gathering at the NDP constituency office, where one person asked Mr. Macdonald the question, “What can we do about IPP’s?” Mr. Macdonald’s response, nothing, the NDP would not tear up contracts. The taxpayers of BC are, and will be, stuck with the $55 billion dollar bill that Gordon Campbell got us into, for power we don’t need and two or three times higher than the going rate. Mr. Macdonald called it “the honour of the Crown”. How refreshing to hear a politition in this day and age speak of honour, and mean it.

Steve Mitchell

Moberly, BC