Life lessons

This weekend saw Golden Soccer and the Barrel O’Rama bring together large crowds of supporters and some great athletes in Golden.

This weekend saw Golden Soccer and the Barrel O’Rama bring together large crowds of supporters and some great athletes in Golden.

The best part of attending both of these events was watching the athletes involved doing their best to win. More importantly they were out for a great time with friends and family.

All too often sports competitions are judged on one thing. Who comes out the winner. The idea of enjoying the game is lost because of overzealous parents or over competitive athletes.

Even though winning is fun there is a time to sit back and enjoy the moment for all that it is.

For the past two months children have been going out and playing soccer in Golden. The association is run by a group of volunteers who not only teach the players about soccer skills but also about being good sports.

This fun activity is a great way for children to exercise while not having to worry about every mistake they may make. Hearing players come off the field and explain that having fun was more important than winning the game was refreshing.

Also this weekend a crowd of supporters and riders came out to the first barrel racing competition seen in Golden in a number of years.

Once again volunteers came together to host an event that saw athletes put on a spectacular show for those in attendance.

But there were also some younger riders who took their time and trotted around the barrels. The smiles on their faces we easy to spot.

They might not have been as fast as some of the older riders but there is no doubt of the fun they had going out for a ride in front of a cheering crowd.

It seems like a simple concept. Go out to participate just to have fun, socialize and learn in a positive atmosphere.

In this sense the volunteers who come together to make these events possible in the area deserve a great deal of credit.

But that is the spirit you see over and over again in Golden. There are tireless numbers of people who give of themselves for the community.

You need only look to a special group of children in Lady Grey Elementary who put on a show for students in other schools.

The Cirqkidz group has brought some talented children together to put on a show that entertains for no other reason than entertaining.

These children and the adults who work with them have taken something simple, a passion for performing, and given back to the community they live in. These types of life lessons are not something to be passed over lightly.

All of these children involved with these groups have been given a gift. They have learned about working together and giving back to the community.

They are special in their own way and through desire and hard work now have skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.