Letter: Senior citizen faces ageism from ICBC

Letter: Senior citizen faces ageism from ICBC

Dear Editor,

This letter should be of particular interest to every senior or every person with a senior in their immediate sphere of interest.

I have been the victim of outright “ageism,” or an unjust attack on my civil rights based on the fact that, at the age of 71, I had a stroke.

The stroke occurred two years ago, but my recovery has been excellent. Despite the fact that my doctor gave me an evaluation that said my eyesight had fully recovered, I was ordered by ICBC to take driving tests to determine if I was fit to drive.

My background includes teaching driver’s education in Ontario, securing an advanced driving licence from Canadian National Railways in Toronto and driving large trucks from CN for several years. After driving for almost 60 years in several jurisdictions across Canada, I have a perfect driving record, and have never even had one speeding ticket.

Despite this, I was ordered to take three driving tests- in Chilliwack and Hope. I supposedly failed all three. I was totally amazed at the lack of professionalism displayed by the two men administering the tests. They both showed a complete bias towards me, gave incomplete instructions, and even lied on their written reports. For example, on three occasions, they reported that the “examiner had to take verbal control.” Yet, in reality, at no time did they indicate to me that they were taking control.

The three tests yielded results that were not only inaccurate, they were outright biased. I was convinced that they were instructed to fail me, an attempt to get the stroke victim off the road. I realize that it is important to ensure that bad drivers get off the roads, but I know that I am not a bad driver and don’t want to be penalized for the many poor drivers that are on the road.

ICBC now tells me that I have lost my licence and wants me to ask my doctor to retest my physical skills, something he has already done. I ask you to contact your MLA to address this injustice. Please don’t wait until it happens to you or yours.

Dick Harrington

Hope, B.C.