Lazy lady no longer

Time to get in shape starts today

Jessica Schwitek

Star Reporter

As a reporter I get to talk to all kinds of people, and deal with all kinds of groups here in Golden. And I must say, most of them seem to have one thing in common. They’re all in shape.

Everywhere I look people are biking to work, playing hockey, and doing gymnastics or figure skating in their spare time. The skate park is full of youngsters on their bikes or skateboards, and the trails are always full of people walking their dogs or jogging. This is one healthy town.

Not that Kamloops, my hometown, is particularly unhealthy. But I am continually amazed by the fitness opportunities that a town of this size has to offer.

As the youngest person in my office, I arrogantly expected myself to be one of the more active and fit employees there. As it turns out, that could not be further from the truth. While I plan to spend two or three nights a week this winter sitting on my couch watching the Canucks games, one of my co-workers will be at her step class, while another plans to be out on one of the many cross-country skiing trails in the area.

It seems I am going to be shamed into getting in shape this year whether I like it or not. And with fitness classes within walking distance from my apartment, and a world-class ski hill a mere 20 minutes away, I would be crazy not to.

With any luck there will be several more weeks before the snow comes, and I finally plan to take advantage of the beautiful  landscape here and check out some more of the hiking trails.

I know I am too late for the white water rafting that brings countless people to the area every year. But that is definitely on the list for next summer.

This is the closest I have ever lived to a ski hill, and my friends would never forgive me if I didn’t make full use of that.

I haven’t snowboarded since I was in high school, but what better time to get back into it. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has a new learning centre opening this year, where I have a feeling I will be spending most of my time up there.

But the best part is, with all these things to do throughout the year, it makes it very easy to get people to come visit me here in Golden