Lady Grey: Gymnastics, Student Leadership, Interim Reporting

With just over two months to go times are busy at Lady Grey and Field.

Ian Robinson

Principal of Lady Grey Elementary and Field

With just over two months to go, this is an action packed time of year for our students and staff.

This past Monday, most of our staff travelled to Kimberley to participate in various Professional Development activities. Currently all classes are receiving two gymnastic lessons from Christine Muise at the Golden Gymnastic Club which is being paid for by our Lady Grey PAC.  Our three classes, with Grade 7 students, will again be participating in golf lessons sponsored by The Golden Golf Course later this month. For Earth Day on April 22 we are asking our students and staff to bring a litterless lunch and to wear green.  On April 30 a number of our Grade 7 students will be travelling to Vernon for a Student Leadership Day.

During the week of  May 6,  teachers will be contacting parents for our second and final informal reporting period. They will either send a written report, phone or hold an interview. To accommodate any interviews, Wednesday, May 8 will be an early dismissal date with students getting off at 2 p.m.  Buses will run one (1) hour early.

Earlier this month a number of our students, Claire Frazer, Madeline Archibald, Maeve Wilson, Robert Caldwell, Carrington Mitchell, Tige Lussier, and Kayla Taphorn participated at the Regional French Speech contest in Cranbrook.  Congratulations to Robert Caldwell and Carrington Mitchell  who will be moving on to the Provincial Competition early next month.

Again thank you to our PAC and parents for all their support.


Field School Happenings

What have we been doing at Field School? Before Spring Break we had a bit of magic happen because we were lucky enough to have two visiting leprechauns! Despite making traps and tempting them with notes and potato pancakes, they remained elusive! Since the break we’ve visited the climbing wall in Golden, had an art lesson with Joanie Young, sang songs with the superintendent, Paul Carriere, and done a lot of science about plants. We’re looking forward to playing soccer when the snow stops flying!