Information overload

Sometimes I feel like I am in the X-files....issues around the HST and more

Entering my second week in Golden and the adjustment is coming along smoothly.

One nice part to being here that I have already figured out is the close proximity to Yoho National Park.

I took one of my days off and went for a day trip and was amazed by the beautiful waterfalls, lakes and other wonders.

For someone who enjoys throwing his camera over his shoulder and going for a wander the area seems to offer quite a bit to do.

As for the things that seem to be chomping at the news in our ears, I received my HST Referendum voting package and now have to make the decision on how to vote.

When people ask me my professional opinion on anything I always say I have none.

That is one of the parts of the job I strive to achieve. Staying out of what is being said and telling stories from another persons’ perspective.

However privately I vote and when a chance like this comes I will be sending back my envelope with a very clear vote cast. Of course with this, like every other thing we vote on, which way to go is never easy. We have become a society built on little more than information that can be found 24 hours a day to serve whatever your purpose may be.

In university we discussed, debated and sometimes flat out argued about the benefits and evil that comes in the form of the information wasteland of the 21st century.  So what is the truth and does a real truth even exist anymore.

People complain that some people involved with politics do not have the ability to be honest. The other side of the coin is the question of, if they were honest would they still have a job?

We are trapped with so much at the click of a button and to wade into it may not be the best choice to make. I personally love surfing the net but I won’t put a computer in my house due to how much time I spend on one already at work. I know that will have to change at some point and I will be plugged in even more.

But the other option is to vote blindly and flip a coin to make your choice.  At this point I say good luck on your search for the truth cause like Mulder said “The truth is out there”.