Hockey and the Oscars

There is nothing like film, sports and broadway...and congrats to Christopher Plummer.

I sit here on a Monday morning finding myself peaking online to see who were the big winners from last nights Oscars and more importantly keeping track of the National Hockey League Deadline trading day.

The trade deadline is the start to the final push leading into the playoffs and that of course to me as a hockey fan is one of the best times of the year.

Inspiration for hockey passion could easily be found in Golden this weekend as 12 teams faced off in an Atom tournament that had more than its fair share of excitement over three days.

Between the great saves  that were made and the spectacular goals which led to overtime excitement that nearly led to the roof of the rink being popped off, the kids on the ice showed a passion for the game in its purist form.

For me this kind of event is part of the good days at work.

You get to go out and snap a few pics at an event full of fun on the ice.

But the ice was not the only place this weekend where a good time could be found.

In a warmer climate singers and performers from the Golden area put their best Broadway foot forward in the Golden Civic Centre.

Both young and old sang, danced and provided some great entertainment for those in attendance.

It is not every day where you can go to a show and hear songs performed from Cabaret, The Little Mermaid, Footloose and The Book of Mormon.

There were many things to remember from the night from the coy shy side of a fish in the hunt for a kiss, to the humour provided in “I Believe” to one of my favourite songs ever that reminds everyone to Always look on the bright side of life because truer words have never been sung.

I know I have said it before but it is worth repeating that I am constantly amazed by the amount of talent and the work people put into cultural activities in this area.


And finally on a personal note I have to say well done to the Academy Awards for finally recognizing Christopher Plummer.

I do not say this just because he is one of the finest actors that has ever come from Canada but more because he truly deserved to finally get his hands on the golden statuette.

Plummer’s  stellar career has been going since the 1950s and has included many spectacular performances over the years.

To say that was one moment this morning that put a smile on my face would not be an understatement.

So congrats to the new Oscar winner.