Golden trail

Many people who come into the downtown area of Golden for the first time seem to be surprised at how nice it actually is.

When you look to the future what do you see?

Many people who come into the downtown area of Golden for the first time seem to be surprised at how nice it actually is.

They are thrown off by the fact that if you enter Golden from the highway strip, you might not expect to see how much the town has to offer.

The highway strip is exactly what many  other highways strips in the world look like.

Restaurants and hotels are everywhere to look after the needs of people who are travelling through the area.

The next layer of Golden they see is the industrial side of town that has trains, many businesses and of course, the large plant that is one of the backbones of the town.

If you never went any further than this, the flip side of Golden is something you would never see.

The discussions are continuing on how to create easier access from the strip into the downtown area and this should be a good thing for the future growth of the town.

This is not only a question of tourist dollars but also about people who come through the area for any number of reasons.

Going east or west from Golden you have a decent drive to the next community. It is a natural stopping point for many drivers.

Many people stay here when they cannot get through the mountain pass sections of the highway. If there was an easier way for them to get into town then many, I believe, would do so just to get out for a walk.

This kind of influx of potential shoppers can only be good for an area.

The natural beauty of Golden makes it a wonderful place to walk or run.

Spending some money through a program aimed at helping the resort municipality to get those people off the highway and in the town could help bring more business opportunities to the area.

Golden as a town is at a point where it has to decide where the future is going to go. The people in the town have to also make decisions on what they are going to do to see that the future is one filled with prosperity. Golden is very lucky at the present moment to have the railway and forestry which provides many jobs and economic balance to the community.

But developing this base into something else has to be on everyone’s radar, for without forward thinking, everything just stays in limbo.

Here is hoping governments on all levels work out a sensible answer to the question of how to get all those people from the strip down into Golden.

Like the musicians who are realizing that Golden is a place where if they come into town, they will get a great surprise, so too will all the travellers who have not yet figured out this town has something for just about anyone.