For the brightest future in Golden

Town of Golden Mayor Christina Benty gives an update.

Our job as a council is to provide leadership in municipal affairs. We take our stewardship responsibilities as custodians for the future very seriously.

Sometimes that means we have to make difficult choices that are not arrived at lightly. I hope that the citizens of this community would trust that their elected representatives are good people with good intentions and that we do not make decisions based on self interest.

Over the years, the Town of Golden has applied for numerous grants to meet community priorities including road repair and infrastructure upgrades. Sometimes our grant applications have been successful and sometimes they haven’t.

It would be more desirable to have sustainable funding and be able to better plan for the future.

With regards to the Bridge2Bridge project, it is our desire to engage in a public dialogue about a matter that affects us all and to provide the information so that the implications of borrowing for this project are well thought out.

That is why we are making an effort to communicate as much as possible.

From the political prospective, the momentum for this project grew after a serious flood and ice event that happened a few years ago. Although the river is within provincial jurisdiction, the responsibility for the dike falls to the municipality. A breach in the dike could mean economic and social disaster and cripple the community’s operating systems that would cost tens of millions to address. Council has been lobbying the provincial government at UBCM to secure funds for the necessary dyke improvements that are critical to our historical downtown along the river. Every year, we have knocked firmly at the door of the province to deal with this safety risk. The primary objective is safety and flood control improvements to bring the dyke up to the 200 year flood level providing protection for the north Downtown. The majority of the funding will go to address the flood risk but also we will have the opportunity to landscape a key part of our community.

I would anticipate that there are a variety of opinions about this project. I hope that as a community we will keep the dialogue respectful. If you vote against long term borrowing, please do so after having well researched the issue.