Following your purpose/forcing yourself to leave Golden!

Dear Editor:

Are you like me and feeling that Golden is such a nice place where there is everything you need at your fingertips?

The best ski hill in Canada, amazing ski touring, mountain biking, art and culture, ambiance, human and business support, friendly people and more…

Caleb Moss made me cry one day when I did a interview with him for a video project and he said: “I went to a lot of places in British Columbia and I always come back to Golden because Golden is a place where you can find and create anything you want!”

This is why I spent the last ten years of my life here…

BUT in the last year it has become more and more difficult to stay in Golden when my life purpose was gradually making itself clearer to me.

Through film production and workshop I want to influence people, especially the next generations, on a creative, socially responsible, and spiritual level.

I want to encourage people to find their own life purposes and live the life they really want by bringing themselves and others to an everyday bliss level.

It’s ironic to think that because of it’s truthfulness, serenity, vibe, size and support Golden has influenced me in finding my life purpose but is also forcing me to leave in order to achieve it.

Thank you Golden for the beautiful journey you have offered me 🙂


~Simon D’Amours

Golden, BC