Focus on the positive

Negativity has been running rampant in Golden the past few months.

Negativity has been running rampant in Golden the past few months.

There was a tense election, mixed in with a heated referendum.

There is talk everywhere about our struggling economy, and the lack of action from our government to help.

Christmas is approaching and retailers are concerned that residents will be leaving town to do their shopping.

It is very easy to get caught up in the melancholy feeling around the community, but there are countless people in Golden who are choosing not to do that.

There are people, organizations, and businesses in Golden are working hard to stay positive, keep the community vibrant, and help out those in need.

Those are the people who deserve some attention.

The Columbia Valley Credit Union, Kicking Horse Ford, and Overwaitea all have initiatives going right now to help out some local charities (The Golden Food Bank and the Golden Women’s Resource Centre).

Dozens if not hundreds of men are putting down their razors for a month to help out a worthy cause—some of whom are doing so at the expense of a happy relationship.

Volunteers are working hard to put together community events like the Christmas Craft Fair, the Early Bird Shopping Event, the Starlight Soiree, and the Christmas Parade.

Kicking Horse Culture and various local pubs are striving to keep the town’s music scene going, bringing in talented musicians from around the world to play in our community.

Emergency response personnel are giving up their time and energy to keep the people of Golden safe, a task that will undoubtedly get harder as road conditions worsen.

One Golden woman, Karen Wilson, has been working non-stop to win the funding to bring a much needed medical service to town.

I am constantly amazed and impressed by how many people in this town take the time to be involved in the community, and I am fortunate enough, in this job, to be able to witness it.

Working in the newspaper industry I often hear one similar complaint: the news is just too negative.

A lot of negative and unfortunate things happen in this world, and that is why I think it is important to focus on the brighter side of life as often as possible.

At the Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce Community of Excellence Awards last month, one of the award winners, Kicking Horse Culture’s Bill Usher, made an interesting comment.

He said that several years back, people used to write nice letters to the Golden Star. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there have been some pretty negative letters sent into the paper in the past few months.

I think it is time to see some happy Letters to the Editor in the Golden Star.

If you think there is an unsung hero in the community (either an individual, business, or organization), please send in a letter to let them know their contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed.

Letters can be sent to