Finding a better way

Chances to learn surround you

I think that everyone you meet in your life is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Whether it be a business man or a homeless man, everyone has their own opinions, their own life and their own story.

It happens often that we judge others based on their choices or simply because “we can”.

We choose who we like and who we don’t and our attitudes towards them depends on this opinion.

But I think it says something about someone’s character based on how they react to other people.

What I am trying to say is that no matter who you meet or what they are like, it is your own attitude that turns that meeting into a positive or negative.

There a billions of people on the world and every single one of them has something that makes them slightly different. Some of them have made terrible choices, others have lived a morally perfect life, but most of us can be found in the middle.

But I think everyone can say they have experienced hardship in one way or another.

I recently interviewed a band from Haiti.

They experienced the earthquake and although they expressed how difficult it was, they slowly rebuilt themselves. I think it is inspiring, how people can take themselves from horrible situations and continue living the life they had always set out to live.

It shows that as humans, we have the power to grow past anything and although the pain often resonated for a long time, we can still find another way to be happy.

Everyone has a story.

Everyone has a reason they act and react the way they do.

No one is perfect and the world we live in is less perfect, but the fact that people can find positive things through all the negativity we are surrounded by is something to be admired.

I think it is even more admirable that people have chosen to try and help eliminate some of the negative found in the world and in people.

So many people have stepped up to the plate and decided that rather than ignore the bad things that happen, they want to change it.

There are cancer foundations, animal shelters, food banks and homeless shelters.

There are fire fighters, police officers, doctors and nurses.

All of these foundations and people have chosen to do something about the world we live in and make it a little better, no matter how much people may be against it or them.

Everywhere you go and everyone you meet has a different story that you can learn from.

Everyone has something that can inspire you to be a better person whether it is to look up to them or learning from their mistakes.

Everyone you meet is an opportunity to better yourself.