Family Day Blues

A local business owner talks about family day in the West.

Do you have family and friends living in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba?

Did you ever think it would be nice if you could all get together for a long weekend in February?

Did you ever think how nice it would be have a long weekend in February to show case and share some of our local and provincial winter wonders with your family and friends from other parts of the country?

Well if Tourism Golden and some of the other quasi government tourism groups have their way you won’t be able to share a February long weekend with friends and family from other parts of Canada.

Instead of signing on to what is already a recognized winter holiday on the third Monday of February in the three above mentioned provinces plus Manitoba and PEI; Tourism Golden and other tourism groups want to have the new holiday on the second Monday of February.

These tourism groups don’t care about you, your family or your friends.  They are only interested in trying to generate more business for themselves.

By the time you read this letter it will already be too late to participate in Nanny Premier Clark’s citizen Family Day Feedback program.

However it’s not too late to phone or write your MLA or MLAs from the Liberal Party and let them know you want to have family day celebrated on the same day from coast to coast.

Let us truly put family’s first and business interests second.

This February lets be in a position to invite family and friends from across Canada to B.C. to celebrate both our new winter holiday and the natural wonders that surround us.



Bob Munro

Le Beausoleil Bed and Breakfast

Golden, B.C.