Enjoy what surrounds you

It won’t be long now until skiers and snowmobilers will turn their attention to other great pastimes, like mountain biking and hanggliding.

As old man winter slowly starts to let his grip go on the deep freeze which has gripped Golden over the past few months, people are preparing for another busy time to get out and enjoy the activities that the new season allow us to take part in.

It won’t be long now until skiers and snowmobilers will turn their attention to other great pastimes, like mountain biking and  hang-gliding.

In Golden, thousands of people come to the area for the winter adventures and also for the great variety of summer activities.

When you think of all the choices we have within a very short drive, one has to feel very lucky.

Here in Golden  you have the ability to enjoy a leisurely ride or walk by the river. A quick pop over to the airport and the adrenaline will flow with a jump from a plane which seems to be unlike any other in North America.

The ever popular skate park gives the skateboarders, and some of the bike riders in town, a great place to learn new tricks.

If you are looking for something a little less strenuous, then perhaps a dip in the pool will suit your lifestyle.

There are tennis and basketball courts for people of all levels to try as well. Plus, there are many companies in town who will give you a great mountain or water experience.  You can hop on an ATV and head out into the backcountry just for the ride, or to go fishing in the many lakes in the area.

There are a number of white water rafting companies who will transport you down a family ride on the Kicking Horse River, and for the more adventurous, they can also hit the bouncier parts as well.

If you want a casual flight from above you could always head up to the top of Mount 7 and see what it is like to go para-gliding or hang gliding.

Added to this, there will be another great summer of music in Spirit Square which will give people a place to gather once a week to kick back and relax.

As the grass turns green of course people will start stretching as golf season will start up.

These are just some of the options people who live in Golden have when it comes to fun as the temperature gets warmer.

People from around the world spend a great deal of money to travel to Canada so they can drive through the mountains and do many different things along the way .

When you hear people say there is nothing to do in Golden it does raise some puzzling questions.

Not many places have so many relaxing activities  while also having a number of things to do if living on the wild side of life is more your style.

Winter has not totally released us from its grasp just yet, though the time is coming soon enough.

So as we all start to come out for the spring and summer, take the time to enjoy the Golden area for all that it is because sometimes the best memories are the ones you make closest to home.