EDITORIAL: Learning how to take a joke

EDITORIAL: Learning how to take a joke

We rely heavily on the internet for our news.

Here at the Golden Star, we work hard to bring you factual stories that are informative and important to the community.

But, once a year, journalists get to have a little fun. A few years ago, our mayor was beamed up into a UFO, last seen at Cedar Lake. Last year, the Kicking Horse River received turbine upgrades to create class four rapids for rafters.

These stories could be classified as “fake news,” but really they were just a hoax on April Fool’s Day. A lot of people seemed to enjoy them, and it created a bit of fun in town.

This year, we did not write anything funny or fake as a joke on April Fool’s Day because it could have caused too much confusion and discredit ourselves. It is really too bad that we didn’t get to have a little fun with the job, even just once a year.

Working in this community can be pretty exciting. There’s always loads of fun stuff going on, and I get to go around to different events and watch them. But, this job also isn’t easy. We cover a lot of stories that are upsetting to people, while paying attention to the finest details and hard-hitting facts. Basically, a journalist takes an event or issue, and packages and delivers it to the community.

We are reliable news resources that people deserve to trust. But, that doesn’t mean people should believe everything they read on the internet.

If it’s coming from a reliable source, with official quotes and cited statistics, you have the choice of double-checking the facts.

In 1938, Orson Welles scared an entire nation, as they believed the world was being invaded by aliens. War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel that was being read over the radio. It could be one of the best examples of “don’t believe everything” you read/hear.

A lot of confusion can be found online. Finding news sources to trust, credible information, and a handful of other tough-to-navigate subjects can be difficult. But, you can always rely on certain news agencies. In Canada, we have a great number of credible news sources. Our company, for one, focuses on hyper local, regional, provincial, and world news. The team of journalists and editors work diligently to deliver truthful unbiased content.

A few years in a row, we have delivered one news article a year here at the Golden Star that has been part of an ongoing joke: the April Fool’s spoof to our readers. It comes across as a cute story, with April Fool’s written at the end. Anyone who doesn’t read the entirety of the story should start doing so. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’re spreading news that is factual and credible.