Editorial: Fostering fall feels

Editorial: Fostering fall feels

Even though it feels too soon already, fall is on its way, and it’s bringing tons of excitement with it.

In Ontario, the colours of the leaves are reaching that greenish yellow glow, and a few are taking flight from the trees already.

The warm afternoon sun beats down, soaking into everything it touches. The daytime warmth feels like honey. But at night, frost is creeping up on us, leaving its overnight signs on our windshields and gardens.

It is a great time of year (and not only because everyone’s kids go back to school). Those who garden are getting ready to harvest their vegetables and crops, and soon enough it will be sweater weather and we will begin to see everyone in their flannels with scarves and toques.

This time of year offers many opportunities. We’re all getting ready for winter, which can also include getting outdoors, chopping wood, or winterizing your house. Are you still finishing up projects you started in the spring? I am.

An inexplicable change is on the horizon. We didn’t get a super warm and sunny summer, and it is easy to see people are getting in every last drop they can before the weather turns for good. Luckily, we didn’t have any fire bans this year, so we can still warm up at night by the campfire.

This is the time of year when Golden slows down. The tourists are heading back home, and the locals are more visible through the throngs. Summer employees might be moving away, people are returning to school, and new winter employees are likely on their way here. Some people, who work away in the summer, have come back. The sense of community is strong.

All of these changes are going on around us, and it is the perfect time to get together. The Golden Museum recognizes this, and hosts its annual Fall Faire to bring people together. The whole event feels as if it’s right out of the Gilmore Girls. We walk around and look at all the huge vegetables people have grown, strange looking gourds, and take in local vendors and music. The next day, the Stompdown brought together people of all ages at the skatepark to watch all of the tricks and stunts our very talented community can do.

It is a great time to come together to enjoy each other’s company, or take some time to yourself to wind down.

In a few weeks, the Harvest Festival rolls around for its second annual event out at the Columbia Valley Outpost. Golden is so full of amazing community events that bring everyone together and remind us of all of the great people in this vibrant community.