EDITORIAL: For what it’s Earth

EDITORIAL: For what it’s Earth

Greetings, Earthlings.

We have been watching Earth for quite some time now, and have travelled across the multiverse with a message for you.

Every other Earth has treated their planet fairly, and it has provided mild warmth and coolness for us. Our luscious forests continue to thrive, housing animals small and large. We have sustainable products, and our oceans are clean. You can see whales and sea creatures playing under its surface every single day, in every continent.

Sure, we still get together to clean up debris that we have carelessly let loose into our natural landscape, but mostly everyone does this on their own, making sure to leave no trace. We have built beautiful infrastructure from renewable and sustainable resources. Our houses and public gathering buildings look nothing like yours.

We have worked for years and years to ensure our climate stays moderate, and haven’t had much trouble with natural sources of energy like solar and wind power.

There was a dark time, and we fear you may be going through it now. See, our Earth is set in the future, so we don’t want you recreating our mistakes. We faced ice caps melting, populations increasing, and a rapid level of economic degradation.

We hope you can imagine the future, and what it will look like if you continue down this path. It is time to band together, and take your Earth Day efforts that much further. I see the plastic straw thing is finally coming to an end. What a waste of time that was. You should have been drinking from the cup right from the beginning.

Individuals are working hard to make even the smallest impact, and it is only that attitude as a whole that will get you through the crisis your Earth is facing. Some places in your own town have discontinued single-use to-go cups, and I have seen people denying themselves a beverage if they don’t have their reusable canteen with them.

Your farmer’s markets are booming, but they could be doing better with a little extra support. All that weird see through filmy stuff at the grocery store isn’t good to wrap your food in. I see beeswax wraps are on the rise, very nice.

So, if you want to start saving your Earth, you need to act fast. Start making changes in your own life, as an individual. It is hard to believe, but you are the beginning. We hope you will see the problems on the horizon, through all that wildfire smoke and smog.

We will return your version of the Golden Star editor next week.