Editorial: Farewell to peace and quiet

Editorial: Farewell to peace and quiet

We’ve done it now. May long weekend has come and gone, and we’re hurdling into another busy season.

Say goodbye to the quiet streets of Golden with tumbleweeds blowing across them, and get ready for a hustle and bustle you didn’t know you weren’t ready for.

I’m only joking, of course… Golden doesn’t have tumbleweeds, but tourism season is ramping up, and really will send a lot of people into our great town this summer.

Last summer I spent every hot day and evening serving and bartending at a local pub. The amount of tourists I spoke with last year was unbelievable. People were visiting from all over the world, and I even got to play the language barrier game, where you have to use your hands in strange motions to describe what the customer would like to eat that night.

Unfortunately, because there aren’t enough employees in Golden in the summer, I spent the entire time working and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So, as the summer season approaches, please remember to be kind to your servers. They are working unbelievably long shifts in unreasonably warm conditions, sweating their butts off, without any time to eat a real meal. We always try our best to provide service with a smile, but sometimes it is tough, and that’s totally not the customer’s fault.

As we welcome tourists into our town, hopefully the residents who live here will get the chance to go on some adventures themselves. I’ve heard a great deal of groaning about the high gas prices, but hopefully that doesn’t stop you.

I wish everyone the best summer they can have, and if you aren’t able to travel outside of town, there are many great parks and lakes just outside our doorstep.

With the grand opening of the Visitor Centre, the information about what to do in our area is available to residents as well. The friendly staff there can point you in the right direction of the perfect staycation, nearby camping spots, hikes, and anything else you might wonder about your own community.

It is time to get out of the house, shake off that hibernation face you put on in the spring, and get out to enjoy everything the town has to offer, including our many fine eating and drinking establishments, with other great locals who are ready to serve you.