Editorial: Fairness and etiquette

Editorial: Fairness and etiquette

When I started journalism school, one of our professors told us to look to our left, and to our right.

Chances were, only one of us would make it through to graduation.

Journalism is a tough world. We report on difficult times, and people’s devastating life stories. But, we also get to share good news. Some days are positive, and some days are nearly too difficult to make it through.

When reporting, we look for credible sources, like witnesses and officials. Sometimes, this is all we have, and we provide non-biased accounts of events. Journalists follow a procedure with each article they write. It starts with a story, and it gets backed up with first-hand accounts, and research into the issue. Then, reporters put pen to paper (more like fingers to keyboard in this era), and follow a structure to present the article.

Often, journalists are faced with backlash from articles that affect people. Their reactions range from hurt and understanding to angry and spitting.

I have done by absolute best throughout 10 years as a reporter and editor to tell stories accurately and fairly.

I have been on the receiving end of hurtful comments during this past decade. They sting, and there are tears, but it is important to remind myself that I am just doing my job.

People act like I am not a part of this community, and have thrown hurtful insults my way. This is simply unfair, and I know they are speaking from their pain.

On occasion, mistakes are made, and journalists do their best to make corrections as necessary. These mistakes are never made with malicious intent.

Golden can be one of the greatest places to live. There are so many lovely and friendly people who reside here.

It is true, when you open Facebook, many blog articles come up. Sensationalism and click bait are not things we do here.

There is a divide in this community. Those who want to keep a local newspaper to read about current events, and those who want to drag it through the mud. Whether or not you have a use for it, remember that the people who work here are highly educated and dedicated to their craft.

Not only that, but we are dedicated to our community. You will see us out at events, in the grocery store, or walking down the street. We’re not here because we are forced to be; we are here because this is our home too, and we care.

We can make Golden’s community strong by treating each other with fairness and respect. If someone has a professional issue with us, our doors are always open, and we will work together to remedy a situation.