Editorial: Environmental view

Editorial: Environmental view

Why are we so obsessed with our view?

We want the room with the view, the property with the mountainous backdrop, and the river flowing through it.

We want to see luscious green forests while we’re driving down the highway.

But at what cost?

When we see cut blocks and forestation next to the highway it upsets us.

But what if logging next to the highway was the way to go? Our backcountry is home to some of the oldest and largest trees, unseen by every day people.

Already, many animals avoid our highways as they are bustling with sound and dangers.

When we are logging in the backcountry, we are driving animals from their natural habitats. The effect humans have on natural habitats is astounding.

We have already forced animals so far into the country through building towns and cities and roadways. We get so excited when we see a bear next to the highway.

People stop and pull over and take pictures. That bear is just looking for his next meal and we are habituating him to move in closer to these dangerous parts.

With huge cut blocks far off in the distance, we often don’t question what is going on back there.

Realistically, we should consider logging the forests next to the highways and leaving the backcountry for animals to enjoy.

And, think about how nice it would be to be driving along the back roads just be surrounded by luscious green forests.

Some forestry companies are already thinking about logging in a different way.

They are looking at more sustainable practices, and figuring out how to lessen the environmental impacts of destroying habitats, thus pushing living creatures away from these areas.

Logging closer to roadways would also make easier access for the equipment and trucks required for the operation, minimizing destruction to streams and wildlife corridors.

We would have much less pollution in our backcountry if we kept it nearby roadways.

But, we are so obsessed with our view, how things look, and the aesthetic that we see everyday, that we cannot put this aside and think of the bigger picture in a healthier environment for all of our industries. It would take a huge shift in attitude to