EDITORIAL: Another one gone too soon

EDITORIAL: Another one gone too soon

It seems too soon to be writing once again about losing someone in our community.

On Saturday, we felt a wave come over as we learned we had lost another one of our own. I was lucky enough to meet this amazing guy on multiple occasions, and knew him well enough to say hello every time I saw him.

There’s a lot of confusion about what happened in the last few days of his life, but we know one thing for sure: he lived life to the fullest.

He always kept a positive attitude, and his smile was contagious. It seems weird that he’s gone.

Life is short, so we should all live by good example, seizing each day to its fullest. Do what you love, and love what you do.

Was there anything you wanted to start this year, but haven’t found the opportunity? I’m happy enough so far with what I’ve accomplished. I’ve snowboarded, read books, ate good food, and tried to relax more. One thing I learned to be more tidy and organized lately, is that if something takes only a minute to do, you should do it. Sometimes this spills over and I get carried away, and the next thing I know my whole house is cleaned, but that’s not so bad.

After a separate skiing tragedy took the life of another young man only two weeks ago, we should focus on doing what makes us happy.

We can use the energy from sadness and mourning to create something different. Take time to heal, and turn that energy around to do something you’ve wanted to do. Find inspiration.

These two young men loved being outside, snowboarding and skiing. Hopefully we can find inspiration from their stories. I know our most recent loss was a good, kind man. He helped people out, took them in when they needed extra support, and was loving and caring to everyone he met. I heard a lot of really great stories about him, and only wish I had gotten to know him more myself. Let us take the lessons he taught us through his actions, and pay it forward.

The only way to Carpe Diem, is to just start doing it.

As we remember someone who loved to snowboard and had passion for life, also remember to find that spark for yourself.

Our sincere condolences go out to the friends and family, and his work family. I hope you are able to heal your hearts from this great loss of a young man gone too soon.