EDITORIAL: A blessing and a curse

EDITORIAL: A blessing and a curse

The time of year has come once again that most people will begin buying Christmas presents for their families and friends.

In Golden,t his means looking around at local shops, or checking out what’s available online to order in.

We’re always talking about the importance of buying local, and unless you’ve already done some ordering online, we might be forced into it this year.

Already, people are worried that Canada Post might not be able to deliver in time for the holidays. Thanks to rotating strikes, mail delivery has become very slow. Myself, I still haven’t received anything birthday related, and that was sent out more than a month ago.

So now we’re being made to shop locally. We all have that list of what to get everyone, or maybe you just like looking around until you find that perfect gift.

There are many amazing things available in Golde, if you know where to look. From stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, Golden has it all. You might have to adjust exactly what you wanted to buy, but I’m sure you will find something just as good.

Even better, while you’re finding the right gifts, you’re contributing to the local economy and helping our small and large businesses continue to operate.

This town is full of toys for boys, young and old. We have toy stores, and places to buy tools and clothing. Girls and women are set, too. We have a multitude of trendy clothing stores, places that sell jewelry, bath and beauty products, and a million other things.

I’ve already started Christmas shopping, and it was totally by accident. I was in a store the other day and found something that was perfect for one person on my list. It was totally not what I intended to buy that day, but sometimes that’s just how it works.

If you must leave town to find a specific item, I hope you stay in close proximity. I know many people will probably opt to travel to the city, but it’s not always necessary if you know where to look.

Also, I’ve found a lot in Golden, that shops and stores have a variety of different products you might not have expected. A hair salon might have jewelry and nice smelling candles. A hardware store might have that skeen of yarn you’ve been looking for. Health food stores sell home products.

It helps if you’re familiar with what’s inside these shops, but don’t be shy, and go ahead in to check it out. You might be surprised by what you can find.