Debating the issues

When things get personal little can be accomplished.

Debates are important.

The right to debate and have opposing opinions is part of what makes being a Canadian great.

I have always found the process of how decisions get made to be interesting. People who are passionate on two different sides of an issue can both have public and private debates.

In the end you hope that after looking at all the points, the best decision made can be reached.

This does not mean everyone will get what they want, because realistically, those situations rarely happen.

The purpose of the debate is to have the chance to voice your opinion. The reason for the process is so people do not have rules, regulations or bylaws thrust upon them.

Since coming to British Columbia I have witnessed a few issues that have severely split the people who eventually could be affected by the choices made on their behalf.

The province as a whole was up in arms over the HST, and a group of people got together and made their voices heard. While living in Invermere, deer and Jumbo come to mind.

The resort, which was in the news for over twenty years, became a life-long battle for some of the residents in the area, a fight which continues to this day.

This issue, at times, put people on two sides of an invisible line which could have led to debates that got out of hand.

When a voicing of opinions gets to this poin, sadly, the message which is very important, is lost on all the people trying to decipher what is being said. When the G-20 met in Toronto do you remember the message of the protesters, or the photo of a police car on fire?

Currently in Golden things are heated on many issues. In my opinion, they are all important to the town on varying levels, and it has been interesting hearing people speak on them and seeing the passion in their eyes and heard in their voices.

For a long time, especially around election time, it has been said that the populous has become too apathetic, too filled with cynicism or just don’t care about the issues.

That certainly is not the case in Golden and its surrounding areas.

Residents are showing a desire to learn about the issues, and people are showing their civic desire to have their voices heard. This is the way it should be.

However, the one thing that should not be lost in any of the debates, disagreements, discussions and chats, is respect. Nothing is accomplished when respect is lost on either side of the issue.

If respect is taken from the equation then the community has already lost.

People do not have to give up there beliefs, and they should feel free to make their points.

Just remember that many of these issues have nothing to do with people personally.  It is either a difference in politics, finances, ethics or desires which lead to a variety of opinions being formed, and that is the way it should be.

I feel safe in saying there are no issues that can be brought before a town with 100 per cent of the population in agreement. Some things never change.

But if people voice their opinions in a rational and respectful way, so much more can be accomplished.

So continue debating but watch out for the low blows that never help get your point across.