Cosway Island groups is grateful

This past spring the members of the Cosway Island Camp Society were given eviction notices.

Dear Editor.

The members of the Cosway Island Camp Society are taking the opportunity to provide acknowledgment and gratitude for the help we have been given on a very important issue we have been working on over the past nine months.

This past spring the members of the Cosway Island Camp Society were given eviction notices from the Ministry of Lands Forests and Resource Operations on our Site at the Bush Harbor on the Kinbasket Lake.  These notices came as a big surprise to our local group of members as we have been on this site for the past 31 years paying property taxes every year and we have been unofficial stewards of the harbor; the eyes and ears of the area.

We initially brought up our situation with Gary Habart, Area A Director, who has put us in touch with Doug Clovechok, the BC Liberal Candidate for this area, who with Gary Habart came out to the Harbor to look at the site and meet with our Society members.

We are all aware that the Kinbasket Lake area was promised to the Local people as a recreation area.  For us now to be asked to vacate is going in the wrong direction.   We together with any others who are interested are willing to work towards the rights of locals to use this incredible asset.

We want to thank Gary and Doug, who have a keen interest in everyone’s use of the backcountry, for getting us in touch with the decision makers in an attempt to find a solution.  With the assistance of Doug and Gary we are hoping to have a face-to-face meeting with Minister Steve Thomson the next time he is in the area to explain the issue to him personally and what a successful solution would look like from our perspective.

This ongoing issue has been very stressful on our society members and we are very thankful for Doug and Gary’s help as we continue to work with them towards a successful conclusion of this issue.  We are confident that the  efforts already accomplished will result in many more years of enjoying this great asset, which is the Kinbasket Lake Reservoir.


Cosway Island  Camp  Society