Cost of rescues

Letter to the Editor regarding back country rescues.

Dear Editor,


This letter is sent regarding the ‘Poll of the week’ asking if outdoor enthusiasts should pay for their own rescue.

This has been discussed many times in past years and most people seem to think that back country enthusiasts should be paying. As a back country user I could possibly conceded that point. But as a counterpoint, if that be the case, then I would request that all of my tax money that goes towards the Provincial Emergency Program be refunded and I will fund my own rescues.

Likewise, please remit any money that goes to fire suppression, I will take care of my own fires,  and I will purchase more fire extinguishers. How about the police services? Maybe I can get my taxes back from the government and buy some guns. The medical system takes plenty of my money. I guess I could save that money and do my own treatments.

The bottom line is that we all pay taxes for the infrastructure of our country. It’s all been put into place for good reason.

More of a problem is certainly the massive amount of accidents on the highways by irresponsible drivers. This is  huge amount of money in comparison to a few back-country rescues every year. Should they pay for their own rescue too?

Scott Watwood

Golden, B.C.