Community Greenhouse

A Letter to the Editor which asks questions about the viability of a community greenhouse.

The B to B proposal has been rejected by the people of Golden. For the Town council not to see the writing on the wall shows a most dogmatic attitude and narrow-minded view of a few people.

I have a proposal that could be adopted and form a useful function for the people of Golden.

My idea is to build a non-profit greenhouse so Golden can have access to year-round fresh vegetables. This is a proposal that would have a positive and healthy benefit to people at a fraction of the cost of B to B and supply several full time jobs.

The key to this proposal would be to ask Louisiana Pacific for a use of land and access to wasted heat energy from their condensate pond. Many community greenhouses are in use and the sophisticated equipment is readily available to grow a variety of crops hydroponically and organically.

Let’s use technology to make our lives better for the future.

Fred Schiesser