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Climate information

Due to some of the concerns expressed in the Star regarding Golden’s involvement in Climate Action Charter I offer the following info.

Due to some of the concerns recently expressed in the Star regarding the Town of Golden’s involvement in Climate Action Charter I offer the following information: The Town of Golden has not and does not intend to purchase carbon offsets from Pacific Carbon Trust. The Town of Golden will be purchasing carbon offsets from the CSRD at a cost that is significantly lower (35 -40 per cent than the Pacific Carbon Trust.

As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, the Town of Golden receives rebates from the provincial government that are GREATER than the carbon offsets that are paid

Therefore, we gain a net positive financial benefit as signatories to the Climate Action Charter

The Town of Golden has demonstrated our commitment to improving the air quality in numerous ways including: invested $85K on a woodstove exchange program in the past decade; improved the street sweeping equipment and practices during spring, summer and fall; voluntarily enforce the provincial government ban on outdoor burning; banned cosmetic pesticide use by bylaw; replaced a municipal 4X4 pick-up truck with a Honda Hybrid car; and

Implemented a complete HVAC refit during the Civic Centre Revitalization project.


Christina Benty

Mayor of the  Town of Golden