Clearing the air

More information about French Immersion in Golden School Zone.

Dear Editor, It has come to my attention that some individuals in this community have been incorrectly informed that the Golden School Zone is eliminating French Immersion entirely.

This is incorrect.

The Golden Zone changed the structure of French Immersion from a Kindergarten start to a Grade 4 start due to declining enrolment.

By doing this, 30 children will now be able to start French Immersion in Grade 4, eight more than the 22 students that were allowed to begin French Immersion in Kindergarten.

Our School District is committed to the language development for all children.

We have, in addition to the French Immersion program starting in Grade 4,  implemented a new and much stronger CORE French program beginning for all students in Kindergarten.

The new CORE French program that has been implemented is not a replacement for French Immersion but one designed to enhance the language development for all students in the Golden Zone Schools.


Shannon Hood

Vice Chair for the Rocky  Mountain School District #6